Canmac Economics Professional Services

Canmac is a leading authority in the successful application of quantitative analysis to decision making.  The company has been applying quantitative techniques to governments and corporations for over twenty-five years.

Canmac conducts impact studies, demographic/economic strategic trends outlooks and a range of business analytics techniques.  We also develop and maintain our own suite of demographic and economic model software as well as develop custom economic model software for various clients.

Canmac’s economic impact analysis ranges from traditional input-output modeling to full scale econometric model simulations.  We have developed quantitative demographic/economic simulation at the community level and at the global level using our models and access to international models.  Business analytics include feasibility studies, market assessments, the Canmac lean six sigma approach and benefit-cost analysis with real options.  In sum, our philosophy is one of developing a quantitative approach to a host of economic decision making problems.  More detailed specifications and previous experience can be provided to clients upon request.


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